Jupitor is the name of Roman deity,
Known as “Zeus” in Greek Myths.

Our Founder, Yoshiro Fujimura, was a Naval  Attaché stationed in Germany during WWⅡ.
During the war period, Mr. Fujimura was seeking for a peace negotiation between the United States and Japan through OSS director, Mr. Allen Dulles.
Unfortunately Mr. Fujimura’s attempts did not materialize but after the WWⅡ, he had shifted  his goal to “Serve for our society & nation for its recovery from the damage of the war.”
To accomplish this goal,  Mr. Fujimura decided to start business, and Mr. Dulles gave him the company name “Jupiter Corporation” as a present.
Mr. Fujimura showed veneration to the name of God, and changed the spelling “E”to ”O”.
“Jupitor Corporation” was hence established in 1948.

Jupitor Corporation
Yoshiro Fujimura(1907~1992)